the name game

i heart baby names.  i've been obsessed with them as long as I can remember and now it's pretty much the only reason i would ever have a 3rd child.  {which i know isn't reason enough!} but i still love chatting about names.  and the day the "list" from social security is announced is a bit like Christmas morning for me.  merry Christmas to me!

here are the top 10 for 2011.  what do you think?  
{check out the top 1000 here}
names are sooooo subjective and i try very hard never to judge.  {this is after i've put my foot in my mouth far too many times, mind you.  obvs}
  so unless someone does something outlandish -ahem, jermajesty- i try to keep my lips sealed.

i personally like my girls' names being out of the top ten.  charlotte has crept up another twenty spots to # 27 but phoebe is still only # 310. ideally i'd like both names to fall somewhere in between but whatevs.  still totes love both names.  once you name your wee ones, that is their name and you will love it even more because it's well. . . them.

if you are preggers or know someone that is or are just a name-worshiper like moi- 
the baby name wizard is the best.  name.  book.  evah.  my former and bestest boss lady {HC!} told me about it and now it's a go-to gift for expectant mamas.
buy it here 

or head to the website.



akjennberry said...

Our girl name isn't even listed in some books! But boy name is slowly climbing the charts! Can't wait to see baby A or S! Hehe

Liz said...

check out it's seriously the most fun baby name site ever!! you can put in your fav names and it generates ones that you might like.

ELE said...

You are the baby name wizard. Or the the blog wizard. Or just amazing.

Petal said...


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