target tuesday: living vicariously

before c & p were in the belly i had dreams of owning a mini cooper.  yup, i had visions of george & looloo riding shotgun in my sweet ride.

then i became preggers with my twinkies and the mini was no longer the practical choice.  obvs.
{we are currently busy using and abusing a volvo wagon}

loved seeing these mini minis in my tar-zhay flyer today.  and do you think it's a coincidence that they come in yellow and pink??  c & p must. have.

 P can even listen to tunes while zipping around the driveway in the pimped out pink version.

i'm also considering hanging this etsy original up in LHH to remind me of something i have to look forward to when the years of french fries being shoved in cup holders and car pools are long behind us.

until then i'll have to live vicariously.  
is it weird for the easter bunny to deliver motorized vehicles?


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