jackie O-h another fabulous day!

i had NO idea what to post about today because as i mentioned before - this amazebalz weather is distracting - in the most glorious way possible.  
when in doubt- post pics of jackie O.
 seriously tho, the summer-like temps in a costal massachusetts town conjure up kennedy images fo sho'.

here's a few pics of jackie enjoying the sun, beach, and being just plain stunning, really.


my fave.

i should really attempt to channel jackie more.  perhaps i'll wear something other than my lululemons to the beach today. . . but i doubt it. 

oh, quick sidebar.  i smooched john john at my college graduation.  on the cheek. the softest most glorious cheek. evah.

i digress.  

RIP jackie and john-john.  sorry this post was supposed to be fun but i just got uber-emo looking at this incredible image.  wor-ship.

new take-away -  it doesn't matter if we emulate jackie's iconic style {impossible} but we should definitely hug and enjoy our kiddos as much as possible. 

hey C & P- go put your suits on!  we're going to splash around at the beach.

carpe diem!


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

wait what about the pic where you look like the kennedys? :)

Clare said...

John-John's cheek was never quite the same after that kiss :)

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