target tuesday: almost spring

target tuesday might not be a good idea after all. CBC has been known to check the blog from time to time and he's probably going to catch on to my tar-zhay addiction pretty quickly.  {but being the gumshoe that he is, chances are he's figured that out already}  besides i tell him on a regular basis how much money i am saving him by shopping a la target, h & m, forever 31, and the like.  and so far, he doesn't seem to appreciate my thriftiness one bit! 

anyhoot, noticing that all my purchases this week in store are on sale online now.  hmph.

picked up this adorbs bikini for the "green cabana" {more on this later}

and this scarf.  pink? check.  stripes? check.    it's super soft in real life, too.  perf for the plane.  and apparently on sale for 12 dollah.

and these sweet ginger jeans for 22.99.  {also available in lots of other purty colors.}  these fit better than the j brand rojos.  and for a buck fitty less, this is a no brainer.

and obvs can't leave without snagging something for c & p.  they loved these 15 dollar dresses so much that we had to wear them in inclement weather with turtle necks, boots, and sweaters {also tar-zhay, obvs}.

these outfits make them happy.

case and point.

almost as happy as finding nemo at nordstrom's {local mamas who have not visited the fish tank at the north shore mall, this is great.  they also have balloons.  our classically under-stimulated kiddos pretty much think it's disney world}

but nothing makes the wee ones happier than a mr. quiggly sighting!

i. die.


Cherry Blossoms said...

I love the scarf and I love that I am not the only one to call Forever21 Forever 31 but now I need to make it Forever 32. Great Finds!

Meredith Nelson said...

I love your target tuesday posts:)

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