wedding wednesday: best day ever

okay, if any of you have read this blog in the last couple months, you may have caught on that i have recently become "re"obsessed with weddings.  i was OOC when planning my own to horsey 7 years ago,  and now as I help the ash, in the age of pinterest and etsy and a zillion fabulous wedding blogs, it's a whole new dangerously all-consuming game.

our pinterest board for the ash's big day has been titled '' so you can only imagine my swoon level when i stumbled upon lilia & ryan's palm springs wedding on 100 layer cake.
every. last. deet. oozing with personality.
teal & gold - you may be seeing some of that come october.

ADLER.  i die.

too bad the bride is so unattractive or this could have been a cool wedding. . . joking. obvs.  she's gorge!

head to 100 layer cake for even more glorious deets &  images from photographer sean flanigan.
hey, lilia & ryan, you guys nailed it!  i'll totes give you 'best day ever' award. . . until october 6th.


ag24 said...

Love our saying! Best. Day. Ever!!!
I f@*# ing love it :)

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