sprinkle for sugar on top!

was thrilled to have lil hoot's sprinkle for sugar on top on the tomkat studio this week.  the extraordinary kim of tomkat and meredith went to ASU together and it was so sweet of them to join forces so the gorge images of the sprinkle could be shared with the tomkat audience.  big thanks to you, sweet and uber-talented ladies!

meredith makes my heart sing with each and every image she takes but
this next one is my FAVE.  

{i simply cannot gush more about meredith because CBC is going to legit worry.  for those who want to know how i feel about her click here}


"let's toast the bun in the oven!" banner. get it?

i must admit i got a little too excited about my next brainchild.  i heart puns!

the booze menu.  love me some champers cocktails!  puntastic belly-inis and mommy-mosas were offered in sugar-rimmed aqua champagne flutes.  

as well as preggers punch. { non-alcoholic.  womp.}

always looking for creative ways to add dimension to a dessert table. for this one i tied ribbon from brightly colored whisks and spatulas and then hung from the ceiling.

and how fun is this baking cup garland?  i was inspired by the tutorial on hey look. a DIY even i could handle. {they are few and far between}

lined the shelves of both kitchens with aqua quatrafoil contact paper from macbeth collection.

thanks aunnie lauren for the rando washi tape!

 this was stacey's fave.  everyone wrote nice messages for the bun. {tip: champers helps with writer's block}

favors doubled as place setting holders.  guests took home these adorbs polka-dotted jessie steele oven mitts with favor tags tied with baker's twine. {and hopefully not the silver}

okay so here's that special cake i was referring to in my post yesterday.

do you die?  ali of pickwick baking co. knocked it out of the park. . . again.  this red velvet cake {inspired by sprinklebakes} tasted every bit as delightful as it looked.  

aaaannd, let's not forget the out of this world macs she whipped up in five different glorious flavors to match our color scheme.  did i mention the riot that ensued when i gave the green light on eating these babies?  let's just say the cute take home bags were not put to good use, as these beauties were devoured in a matter of minutes.

 {and some with sugar on top.  obvs.}

she made some fresh brioche cinnamon buns, too.  they were hot when i picked them up and i gained 15 pounds just smelling them.  Yum-O!

ali and pickwick baking co. are always so enthusiastic about my requests - and the love and attention to detail she puts into everything that comes out of her kitchen is truly appreciated - a real live vendor with heart.

oh, and wait, you didn't think i'd let the 9 months preggers guest of honor off the hook did you?  nope, stacey baked up these gorge heart cookies and delish cake pops. . . and delivered me an iced coffee.  obvs.

i. die.

other fab friends contributed with some yummy brunch dishes {we have the best friends evah.} - look closely for some hints at the sex of the baby. . . 

and then there's the paper goods . . . i mean, miss jayme of jayme marie designs outdid herself with this one.  she continues to amaze me with her fresh and lovely designs.  

she originally designed everything last summer for my darling design star meg caswell.  while meg was busy filming her new show for HGTV she was also running around throwing a baby shower for her friend and enlisted my help.  i was happy to do it and LOVED how everything turned out from jayme - so much so that i couldn't wait to put it to use personally. 

 And I had the just the perfect guest of honor in mind . . . 

lucky for the general public- jayme is now offering all of these paper goodies {invite, the banner, the menus, straw flags, food labels, and favor tags} in her etsy shoppe.  run don't walk!

wor-ship this austin gal and everything she designs!
{here's a shot of the menu that jayme took}  

so about that guest of honor.  i can't say enough good things about stacey. . . like i literally can't start or this will be the longest blog post ever.  but let's just say i feel so honored to have her as a friend.  she's just as sweet, pretty, and perfect as her cookies . . and funny, kind, oh no, i started . . .

okay, so huge potential for babble {per uzhe} so here's a couple glorious pics that meredith thought to take- stacey and her buns.

cutest. preggers. EVAH.

best part of the shower. . . 
the little bun himself.  

welcome, nicholas robert butler!
Born february 28th at 12:55 in the morning
8.7 lbs 
21 inches
of pure adorbs-ness


Meredith said...

Sarah! Again, an amazing job done by you!!! Loved all the personal and funny details that makes YOU Lil Hoot! Thanks for letting me be apart of Stacy's special day:) CBC, look out is right!

Jayme said...

Amazing Sarah! You never stop wowing me with your incredible talent and knack for styling everything in such a Gorgeous way... AMAZING! Your little thoughtful details in each party make each of them so special and personable for the guests of honor... I LOVE!

akjennberry said...

Love it!! I am so over pregger punch, let me tell you!? How many more months to go? lol

So proud of you as always! Beautiful work!

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