happy summer! {hours}

so who knew summer would be so exhausting?  i seriously had no intention of instituting summer hours when i signed off last thursday . . .but the the lack of school/sched/and general time-management skillz is totes forcing me into it.

also the never-ending birthday love!  which i am NOT complaining about. {obvs.}

got to celebrate with some of my fave hot mamas on saturday . . .

how lovely are these ladies?  heart them.

they even surprised me with a cake!

best. friends. evah.

and my fab fam and lobstah on sunday {the actual}.

and the celebration continues tonight with a joint partay for my fellow gemini/sister-in-law/bestie LC and I.  holla!

i have a sneaking suspicion one million bottles of rose might be consumed {shhhhhh. . . can you hear it?}, so let's just go ahead and say there's a strong possibility i won't be posting tomorrow.

image via caitlin mcgauley

happy summer, everyone!


Anonymous said...

That blue dress is amazing. You look FAB.



Lucinda said...

Happy Happy Celebrations for you and Miss LC..and an early anniversary shout out to the best Hoots I know!!

cheap cosplay costumes said...

You look gorgeous on that blue dress!
Thanks for sharing the pretty photos!

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