frenchie friday: 7 years of. . .

chewing up eyeglasses, dolls, toys, forks, books, and whatever else strikes your fancy.
ineffective, yet costly, training.
chasing you in the street as you weave through traffic and almost get run over/give me a heart attack.
medical bills {ahum, one MAJ in particular}
assaulting the mail every day as it comes thru the slot.
scratching up our antique floors.
scaring young children. . . and a fair amount of grown adults while you're at it.
lifting your leg on . . . well, everything {including that nice yoga instructor that stopped to pet you}

7 years of unconditional love for this rascal.

happy birthday to my first born . . .

you're just as handsome and naughty as the day we brought you home.

way to stay true to yourself, old man.
worship.  OBVS.



Lucinda said...

Happy Day G!!! You are one naughty boy....But so well loved...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, little gentleman!


gothic lolita dresses said...

Happy birthday!The dog is so cute!

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