birthday for "the bob"

i have a friend, fairly new, but i know her well enough to know she is a very good egg that deserves a fabulous birthday.  
yesterday, i noticed she "liked" this quote on FB.  and knowing her, i know in my heart of hearts, she believes in this sentiment.

BTW, eminem is the man.  8 mile is seriously one of my fave flicks.  Mekhi Phifer?! HOLLA.
he is totes invited to the bob and my gemini birthday bash.
also adding him to my 'wouldn't kick 'im outta bed for eating a cracker' board.
{you're welcome}

and, oh yes, that is correct, you heard it here first.  my birthday is fast approaching. . . 

and i might just put in a gift idea every day leading up until the 17th. . . randomly choosing from my 'yes, please' pinterest board.

actually, let's start with this fun monogram necklace from bauble bar since it needed to be ordered 3 weeks ago to arrive in time for the big day.  doh!

don't panic, i'll be accepting gifts until august 1st.

i digress, happiest of birthdays to the bob.  geminis rule! 


Anonymous said...

Love the monogram in pink! Adorbs!


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