back to school blues?

so it seems as if i'm neglecting my precious blog again. . . this simply isn't so.  quite the contrary, i'm actually in the process of improving it a bit. . . stay tuned for "the big reveal."

i'm also coming to terms with the end of summer as we know it.  
getting ready to ship the lil ladies off to "school" this week.  in most ways, i am so ready to do this. . . yet somehow my emotions are getting the better of me at the moment . . . found this pooh bear quote and it made me think of my girlies.  grandma and i brought them to their very first movie this summer {winnie the pooh.  obvi.} so it hits especially close to home. this pretty much sums up what i'd like to relay to them when i drop them off on friday. . .

but it's a little heavy for a couple of 2 year olds so i'll probably just high five them and say this instead. . . 

and then i'll have to remember to do the same.

best of luck to all the mamas out there this week and thanks for your patience with the blog.

fall=routine!  {yay}


petits sucrés said...

they will have SO MUCH FUN. and so will you.


ag24 said...

LOVE winnie!!!

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