how do you like them apples?

today is a bittersweet day.  i find myself almost as emo as i was when i wrote this post almost 10 months ago.
in september, i told my girls to put on their awesome pants and they did. . . over diapers.
a lot has changed . . . {thank the Lord the diapers part has!}
i feel like i dropped off babies to the fabulous miss jen, miss pam, and miss sophie at seaside nursery school and today i'm picking up little people.

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so i wanted to give a big. huge. THANK YOU to c & p's teachers for so many things - here's just a few:

 wiping more than just noses this year {yikes}
 teaching them their alphabet & numbers & glorious lil songs that make us smile
cultivating their love of art & playtime & friendship
breaking up their wrestling matches over ponchos

but most of all for making our wee ones feel special and loved and strong and smart.

i'm happy it's raining today, maybe no one will notice if i shed a few tears at pick-up.


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