frenchie friday: stuck on you

so i posted a pic of looloo covered in stickers yesterday on FB and it got more 'likes' than the announcement of the birth of my children, so i figured i'd share on the blog.

i didn't share this pic, however.  these are the pee stains i found on my beloved chaise lounge.  i think it's loo's quiet rebellion against being consistently 'decorated' by c & p.  womp womp.

but how can i stay mad at this bitch?  
hey looloo, i'm stuck on you, sister!


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Meredith N said...

hysterical!! Sad for your chaise!? I am pretty sure it wasnt the first time it got peed on right? ;)

Donna said...

This is hilarious!! I think my Chloe would try to eat the stickers... or my rug :)

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