best. necklace. evah.

i almost wanted to keep this one to myself.  it's pretty much my fave thing evah.  the shell yeah! necklace is not only puntastic and adorbs - it's totes useful!  it's a freaking bottle opener.  genius.
{the biggest secret of all is that it's lilly.  lills really gains some street cred with this one}

those of you who know me know one of my fave expressions is 'hells yeah' {as a joke.  obvs} and that i love to drink.  
so do i die over these?  
shells yeah, i do!

one of my heroes, dana small, carries these at her amaze shoppe, matilda's, in stuart, florida. {see previous matilda's post here} i checked in with dana and these are available for purchase via phone orders. {48 dollah plus shipping}

1 (772) 221-8280



Anonymous said...

That. Is. Awesome.


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The necklaces are gorgeous!
Looks amazing!

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