my cup runneth over. . .

with beer, tequila, and an extra shot of nostalgia.

my sister-in-law walked across the same platform to receive her degree from my alma mater a mere 13 years after i did.  {she didn't get to make a pit stop to smooch johnjohn but we can't all be so lucky}
it was so spesh to be back in c-town, on campus, and in a random off-campus apartment for late-night. {obvs}
the WAC is a legit unique experience tucked away in a gorgeous part of this country and i'm feeling grateful for having attended {and survived} and i'm also very proud of lil J - holla!


Betsy Clarke said...

Your post is boyfriend & I are going to make a quick overnight trip to C-town! Any recommendations of things to do and places to see?

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