off the cuff

seeing as i'm still not recovered from the wedding, i feel like i can't do it justice with a post quite yet.  stay tuned for next week's wedding wednesday: naples edition.

and i actually need to get my act together on the mum's day gift front.  stumbled upon these beauties from wimberly inc on pinterest.  offered in so many fab color/motif combos and priced at forty-four dollars - they are the perf pressie for all the mamas in your life.  I suggest you accompany them with a sweet note . . . the puntastic possibilities are endless.

dear mom,

i'll never forget everything you've done for me.
i'm so lucky to have you for a mom.

thank you for being my anchor.

i lucked out when i got you for a mom.

you'll always bee my number 1.

sorry for all the times i was crabby.

and my personal fave. . . 
whoooooo's the best mom evah?


Jocelyn Strutt said...

the elephant please?!

Clare said...

May non-moms own the elephant too?

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