champers debate

so i'm a busy bee with final touches for the ash's cocktail hour-shower this weekend.
cannot wait to share the deets {as i have some A-team members collaborating with me on this one.}

slight hiccup when j-nice {my mom/ co-hostess} decided to put the kibosh on my veuve rose order.

what. a.  
. . . delightful person she is.  forreals. 
mom, you may have a point that not everyone needs to sip 'the good stuff' but you took it a bit too far with your  'i don't know who you think you are . . .' comment.
i mean- yikes - it's not like i ordered 18 cases of pierre-jouet {which would have totes matched our color scheme} and BTW: the ash is only getting hitched once . . . 

anyhoot, we settled for chandon.  

and lots of it.

p.s. ashy, you and i are obvs drinking pink veuve.  i think we should even share with j-nice.  love both you, sissies.  xo


akjennberry said...

Better share with Babs!

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