wedding wednesday: can you even handler it?

quick post today . . . because i'm running around like a cray person getting ready for our trip to naples for chelsea and chuy's weddin'
{pics from the C party.  obvs}

and as if this was the 'real' chelsea and chuy's wedding there will be lots of vodka. . .

 and TONS of happy dances.

as much as we loff and are silly and effing love to tear shiz up- i know this day is about much more than vodka and happy dances.  

so nigel. . . 

 Jen and Nigel rule!
J & M - i love you guys so much and cannot wait to celebrate YOU. 
hasta manana!

{and obvs i will not be posting poolside but promise to share the deets next week.}


Lucinda said...

Happy Happy Day Jen & Nigel!!!! Have fun Ms. Hoot!!

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