where the drunk things are

after hearing about the sad passing of maurice sendak this morning, my intention was to post just as soon as i found a pic from college that would help explain what the classic children's book 'where the wild things are' means to me.  
why on earth i thought i could sift through 35 years of pics to find one particular shot from 18 years ago is beyond me. 
 so now that i've spent the afternoon taking a very interesting trip down memory lane and coming up empty-handed with the photograph. . . you'll have to take my word for it.
grew up loving the brilliant 'where the wild things are' and had a big poster hanging - like this . . .
in our off-campus dwelling.  

then in a ridiculously self-indulgent manner, hanging next to it, a huge blow up photo of my two roommates and myself hanging upside down from the rafters in our apartment {obvs}
it occurs to me now that we were big a-holes/tools/idiots having this on display for all to see. . . but i guess that's what being in college is all about.
RIP maurice sendak
{and while we are at it, RIP all pictures from college}


Thrill Of The Chaise said...

Love this post, love Maurice, love you.



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