summer hours

so it seems i don't have all the time in the world to blog now that it's not cold, dreary and dark 90 percent of the time, and hopefully this means you all don't have that much time to read blogs either! 
 it's summer outside. . . finally. . . and in these parts we seriously earn our nice summer days and i insist on taking advantage, so my posts might be brief or even non-existent some days in the upcoming months.   
but i'll still keep you posted when something really fun and/or fabulous pops up.  promise.

today was our first day at the pool and it was glorious.
and then when we got home we had something very exciting waiting for us. . .

do you recognize that fabulous hand-writing?!

you all remember the carter kustera portraits i was fretting over. . .
{if not see the post here}

they. have. arrived.

so watcha think?

c looks a bit odd because she was staring up at everyone's fave big purple dinosaur {cue the sarcasm} when i took the image that i sent to carter. . . but i still love-LOVE it.  it's her.
and what do you think of the caption?  it's code for "drama queen."

and p? wor-ship.  obvs.

it's truly a priviledge to be these lil ladies' mama {even when i am dragging them out of the sand box kicking and screaming} and an absolute honor to have carter's awesome work in our home.  dude is legit.
now where should i hang them?


akjennberry said...

Those are the cutest prints ever!!

Anonymous said...

I'm debating....what size did you get?

christina said...

AMAZING love love. I think Carter used some creative privilege with P's ponytail ;)

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

They turned out amazing! I love them.

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