sweet nothings

last night i had the pleasure of dining with one of my fave gaggle of women at my second home.  for anyone that knows me they know i'm talking about 5 corners kitchen.  it's.  the.  bomb.  much more on this later but i digress {per usual}
anyhoot, it was another night of sugar on top's never-ending b-day celebration and i was impressed with the ladies for getting after the wine the way they did on a tuesday night.  
 also impressed that preggers nancy pants played the role of DD without too much saltiness.  
what i was NOT impressed with, however, is that not one of these gals noticed my new fabulous necklace from my most recent houseguest, miss J.  
miss J is easily my most "fashion-forward" friend and i love hearing about her latest finds.  i admired her new necklace. . .a delicate gold heart charm with a lovely scripted message, but what did it say you ask?

 nice.  i like it.  
but then, then folks, she presented me with MY very own adorbs necklace.   she asked my husband "permission" if she could gift it to me.  he was cool with it.  and apparently no one notices what it says  anyway and i think that's the point. 

available here

everyone go check out these totes inapropes lil treasures from in god we trust.


Jocelyn Strutt said...

and for only $40 a pop! if you quick get on refinery29.com... there is a deal for the In God We Trust line!!!! Two for One my peeps!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw these in San Fran and got hyper obsessed with them! LOVE.



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