hellloooooooo. . . it's been for-evah!

i promise not to ever leave for so long again. . . unless something drastic occurs {like i win the lottery or have more children - and let's hope if those things do ever happen it's in that order}

so i have so very very much to fill you in on . . . but i don't have quite the energy to delve into too much right this moment.  where oh where to begin.  hmmm. . . maybe just a lil something that brought a smile to my face?  

i had a big birthday that kicked off my lil hoot hiatus and it was such. big. fun.  
ms. l hosted a fabulous soiree for our m'head ladies.  more on this wonderful night later but sugar on top gifted me a classic.  my loyal lil hoot readers know that i am MIL with riggins.  {see post about the friday night light of my life}

by the way this is NOT my brown shag rug.  this pic is from the website.  buy one and make someone happy here.
i slept in it the night of the birthday party (over my dress.  obvi.)
and then pretty much every night on vacay.

and when i was crying sunday afternoon because i was so depresso our trip was over {and experiencing various withdrawals} i remembered i had not one. . . but TWO friday night lights epis to catch up on.   they did not disappoint.   


so now i'm off the ledge {wearing my riggins rigs t again - obvs}, feeling almost back to normal, and inspired to blog.

stay tuned and for those of you who reached out- thank you for missing me!  i totes missed you too.  


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