owl take two . . . on vacay!

exciting week around here.
so very busy working on an adorbs baby shower for a special gal in chi-town.  wishing i lived closer so i could see it all come to life but sending some fun stuff their way.  will give you a full report once it's done. . . good stuff. . . good stuff.

in the meantime, also busy packing for our family vacay.  it's early this year and i can barely believe its right around the corner already.  obvi, i can't show you everything we are packing for c & p, but i'd love to share a few goodies.

this week isn't exactly beach weather but hoping things improve by the time we arrive on-island.  we are taking an early ferry so the plan is to have c & p sporting these adorbs smocked bathing suits by saturday afternoon.

 we heart mermaids so much we bought the dresses, too!  thought this style would be cute with a cardi over it just in case the weather doesn't cooperate.

shrimp & grits offers ridiculously cute smocked clothes and they are having a fab sale right now.  check it out here.

we also can't exactly go to nantucket without our whale dress, also from S & G.

i can't give all of our wardrobe secrets away, what fun would that be?  but i do have these very special dresses hanging in the closet.  my plan was to save them for family portraits with the fabulous miss meredith but i'm not sure i can leave them behind.  i just won't let the children eat or drink {or play} when they have them on.  
that's reasonable, right?

dresses by joules
the uber-helpful lauren at scuppers in old town helped me choose them.  
 the fabric is a modern farmhouse toile and i'm picturing getting the girls' photo in front of the bartlett's farm sign.  too contrived?  totes!  do i care?  totes don't give a hoot!
do you see the exposed zipper?  omg, they are growing up before my very eyes. . .

okay, i'm somewhat inspired to pack now. . .
we will probably only be wearing jeans and sweatshirts if mother nature keeps up with this bs, but it won't matter, because it's still vacation, which means i will be intoxicated with my very fave people on the planet. {no, c & p won't be intoxicated, sillies!} 
 my other faves.  
you know who you are.

OMG, i almost forgot to tell you what else i'm doing this week.  i'm quite busy preparing to be the birthday girl.  half-way to 70!  {wahwahhhh}
i LOVE-love birthdays!  even if they mean i'm getting old.  still a chance to celebrate with awesome friends and fam.  looking forward to all of that goodness.


ag24 said...

totes wrapping myself in the baby clothes for millies. CANNOT F#@!ing WAIT!

Lindsey said...

Cant wait to celebrate fab you! That Joules dress is adorbs wish it came in my size:)

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