keep calm and give thoughtful gifts

keep calm posters. . .
overdone?  yes.  still fabulous?  totes!

so i thought i was tres original 3 years ago when i hung the classic 'keep calm and carry on' poster in c & p's nursery.  not so much.  ever since we've seen it pop up on just about everything.

still makes me smile though and i was beyond happy to receive such a thoughtful gift from my fabulous friend and stylist, lindsey foley.

she had the amazebalz paige of paiges of style create these clever posters for lc {super mac's mama} and i.  

can you stand it?

thanks, lindsey {and paiger!}

oh and i have been "dabbling" in photoshop and made this one for sugar on top for her birthday last month (with a bit of advice from paige, of course).
it's supposed to resemble a cake pop.
it's totes not as cool as the riggins t but i was proud of my ps accomplishment nonetheless.
ummm, and how cute is she?


Unknown said...

I love these posters! I have one in aqua that says: keep calm and eat a cupcake and another one that says eat a cupcake, then eat another one. I use them in my dessert tables hihihi

sarah said...

obsessed--- i bought the Keep Calm and Marry On mug for myself for the morning of my wedding...and im also going to make (or buy via etsy) a "keep calm and drink champagne" and a "Keep Calm and Eat Pie" sign for our dessert table (we are doing a small cake and the rest vermont apple pies :)

Anonymous said...

How adorable! What a cutie gift! :)


Lindsey said...

Big kiss back!! Thanks Paige for making me look good!:))

akjennberry said...

I think mine would have to say Keep Calm and Keep Drinking. Or Keep Calm and Dance On.

Love them all- so cute!

Erin said...

L.o.v.e.!!! Just ordered keep calm and eat bacon for my kitchen!!!

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