love-love or not so much. . .camo wedges

 i'm totes a sucker for a great deal.  
so when i saw these camo peep toes at calypso this morning- originally 325 dollars marked down to just 25 dollars  {that's 3 hundo off, folks!} . . . i mean, how can i resist?

do i need to get them or are they so rando and will just sit in my closet?
love-love or not so much?

by the way, LOTS of other great deals at the calypso sample sale online.  extra 50% off - gotta love-love that!


Sarah said...

fyi, i couldn't wait for your help and i bought them.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaaa! $300 off?! Love that you bought them. A girl after my own heart.


Lucinda said...

If I wore those...the Monster would think I was the coolest Mom EVER!!!

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