georgie the birthday boy! and more. . .

one week ago today we celebrated george's 6th birthday.  george was born on our wedding day which is how i first knew we were meant to be. {yup, i'm a weirdo like that}
the birthday boy started the day with a romp on the beach.  6 years and one spinal surgery later, he can still keep up with the best of 'em.

we also celebrated our anniversary last friday with royal treatment from straight wharf {thanks, ty!}
effing phenom.

 followed by way too many celebratory cocktails with bridesmaid/cousin/bff ashy and her beau.
{today happens to be said bm/cuz/bff's birthday- hey, girl, hey!  love and miss you so.}

we had a chance to read our messages from table #6.  yes, this is amazing that every year we wait to read these.  if anyone knew my patience level, this is truly a miracle, but it's nice to know we still have a lil surprise to look forward to, not that GEORGE, loo, c & p, and CBC don't provide enough of those. . .
we used these booklets as table numbers for people to write messages.

this was my fave message in this year's. { has nothing to do with it being the only one.  mah. } mr. and mrs. b are dear friends and wonderful role models when it comes to marriage.  they really nailed it with their advice to "stay close, keep talking and laughing."

what an amazebalz day.

photo by corinna raznikov

it would take me for-evah to blog about 6/24/05 but if anyone wants to check out some of our wedding deets, head to style me pretty.

to wrap things up:
gorgeous george, happy birthday to my first baby.
CBC, happy anni, munky.  i really like you a lot. {inside joke.  obvs}
ashy- i'm so happy you were born.  HBD, sissy! xoxo


akjennberry said...

Love every word!!! ♥

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this (mostly the sand all over georgie pordgie). What a lovely message, beautiful pictures and happy, happy life :)


Lucinda said...

Happy Happy Day naughty dog you...Huge hugs to you & Mr. C...what a wonderful wonderful day
6/24/05 was.....beautiful, lovely and gave me my forever friend!!

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