obligatory peony post

it's monday and i'm dragging a bit {obvs}. . . but the overwhelming scent of peonies wafting through my house is keeping me afloat.  i know, i know, everyone adores peonies.  but how could they not?  they are so beautiful, their smell is intoxicating, and for many of us they conjure up the sweetest of memories. 

CBC proposed to me with peonies . . . 
then this happened a year later. . .  

image by corinna raznikov

and now they are omnipresent on mother's days, baptisms, dance recitals and all the other celebratory events we've been blessed with these past few springs.  

on friday, i bought out the entire whole foods inventory. . . and they have brought me such joy all weekend but they are fading fast. . .womp.

but i think that's what makes them all the sweeter . . . so i'm trying to enjoy all the fleeting moments
 . . . even on a monday.


heidi | white loft studio said...

love peonies, my are growing by the inch daily!

Lucinda said...

BEST day EVER!!!

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