bauble bomb

have some recently freed up dresser space since we mounted the TV in our bedroom.  it currently looks like a bomb went off in clare's accessories but i desperately want to come up with the perfect jewelry display.  

you might recognize this piggy from my mum's day gift guide.  he doesn't live with me yet but i must have him and he needs to wear my necklaces.  luckily i have a birthday and an anni on the horizon. {ahem, horseface get on that}

via SMP
also love the ikat bowls for baubles.  and love mixing them with cute dishes/trays.
this is sorta cheese {the colors. obvs} but also cute gift - can customize the name and initial.  and whaddya know- there's my pink ring!

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i dig this bracelet holder and ring holder from PB.  could be cute with a mix of other cool vestles, like the piggy, g-dammit.

via lonny

despise when i can't find a source on pinterest but love-love this idea so must share.  i'm always so sad to toss my used pretty candles.  

oh. . .hi.


and i'll just leave you with this.  OMFG.

via the coveteur
stay tuned, i'm sure i'll have this worked out in the next decade or so.  since i'm a hot effing mess super organized.  but something needs to change soon because accusing the cleaning lady of stealing every time i can't find my shiz is going over like a lead balloon.


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If I can just move into this blog post and live there forever, I'd be super happy.

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