random rainy day thoughts

so i was a slightly amused and equally put off by my daughters' pre-school mother's day tribute.  here's a snippet of what they think mom's favorite thing to do is.

okay, so i truly never watch TV in front of them but they also said i was 67 {and 4} so i'm not putting too much stock in this, but then i realized on this rainy day that all i really want to do is buy things on my computer aka "shop online" and watch TV.  so perhaps they know me better than i thought. . .

i'll tell you one thing i don't want to do on this rainy day is put the girls in full hair & make-up for their recital dress rehearsal.  life as a dance mom, not as glamourous as it seems.

circling back to the TV thing, did anyone watch Nashville last night?

spoiler alert!

just came across this article and not sure how i'm feeling about it.   thoughts?

also, i'm obsessed with juliette's white jacket in last night's epi.  stalking it and think i found here on cusp but not sure. . . happens to be 30 percent off but not in my size.  DAMMIT.

looked adorbs on that little intoxicated nugget.

okay time to go channel my inner . . .


happy thursday!


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