Uber- Emo Alert!

dear phoebe loomis and charlotte breckenridge,

there is something you should know about the day you were born. it was not the happiest day of my life. in fact, it was one of the worst days of my life. i was overwhelmed with worry, exhausted and scared - worried about how little you were, exhausted from 3 months of bed rest and delivering you while on magnesium sulfate {womp womp}, and scared that i didn't know how to take care of you . . . so. very. worried. about all of us.

Three years later and 'us' is doing just fine.

so much potential for babble today so i'm totes stealing one of my fave mama's tribute to her kiddos on their birthdays. { a HUGE thank you to meredith nelson for letting me rip off your idea!} oh, and by the way, we have miss meredith to thank for multiple priceless images of you munkies!
{like the ones you are about to see}

a little about phoebe -

1. You love pink and princesses and all things girly.
2. You have spent about 50% of the last year wearing a tutu.
3. You also spent about half the year speaking with a scottish brogue. "I'm scarred" = i'm scared and "that's may charrr" = that's my chair. obvi.
4. We love to talk about your 'crazy hair' that has only been cut once {a team effort by mommy and daddy.}
5. You're tall and skinny and strong. Just like when we brought you home from the hospital weighing 4 lbs. 7 ounces.
6. You skip the tater tots and head right for the veggies, and then onto DESSERT, your fave.
7. You live in your own little world and we are so happy you let us be a part of it.
8. You pronounce about 17 different words - 'cock'. rock, sparkles, chalk, popsicle, clock, black, and so on and so forth. I'm pretty sure you do this to torture your father.
9. Every night you want us to 'hold you like a baby' after your bath. We gladly oblige.

and miss charlotte -

1. Nothing on this planet beats a Charlotte hug. You hug like you mean it.
2. After much discussion, it's official : Yellow is your favorite color.
3. You ask A LOT of questions and you take the answers to heart.
4. You look exactly like I did when I was your age.
5. You are borderline obsessed with Kai-lan.
6. You laugh hysterically whenever you attempt to throw a tantrum.
7. You've spent about 70 percent of the last year with a baseball cap on.
8. You are a homebody. you're genuine 'i wanna go home' melts me every time.
9. You have a indescribable vulnerability about you that draws people in . .. and then there's also that smile of yours.

and the two of you together - well, i mean. . .

1. You talk and laugh for hours at naptime and bedtime. I'm already jeally of your bond.
2. You are by far the worst 'dancers' in your ballet class and I just can't get enough of it.
3. You like to tell people what kind of pizza your sister likes - pepperoni for charlotte, 'olibbs' for phoebe.
4. You worship your grandma. rightfully so.
5. You have played a very active role in planning your birthday party this year and lil hoot is very excited to give you a party with heart.
6. You think we live in marblehead AND on nantucket and I'm pretty sure daddy is not going to buy us a house there before you're old enough to figure it out.
7. You adore your new cousin , a.k.a. "baby june".
8. You love to "hide" on daddy when he comes home from work. This entails you running towards him screaming 'I'm hiding!'
9. You're both painfully shy around other people. You are starting to grow out of it but we don't mind keeping you to ourselves for the time being.
10. You've consumed enough fruit in the past year to ward off scurvy for life.
11. You are so good to your doggies George and LooLoo. you are nothing but loving and gentle towards them. this is something i truly believe i taught you well. {c'mon people, you knew i couldn't write this post without mentioning the pups}
11. YOU sing to US at bedtime now, and I am brought to tears- every. single. time.

I love you, sweet girls. no amount of corny blog posts could ever sum that up.

happy birthday, c & p. TODAY is the happiest day of my life. so far.



akjennberry said...

Just about the sweetest thing I have ever read. I hope to one day meet these little peaches in person! Happy Birthday C&P! Auntie Jenny loves you!

Lucinda said...

Ok...I am sobbing...beautifully written, full of love and hysterically funny!!
motherhood has suited you well my friend....so happy to see you have enjoyed every single inch and minute of it!! Huge hugs to you & Mr. C as well as to the furry ones and a couple of smooches to your lil hoots!

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

OMG. SO SO sweet. Love this entire post and love your little girls.
Also, #2:) made me laugh... I am happy to help them practice their dance moves cause clearly I am pretty amazing.

Gillian~Katie said...

So great. Happy Birthday sweet girls!

Paige said...

Awww, now I'm crying too. Happy Birthday sweet girls! Hope to meet you someday soon! XO

Lauren said...

Happy birthday to C&P! Maybe we can start doing playdates...Pippa would love to share her affection for princesses...

Clare said...

Happy happy birthday to the cutest little ladies in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Making the decision to have children is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

(you got a tear out of me...)
Happy Birthday girls.

Melanie Reed said...

Happy birthday sweet girls!!!! I can't wait to see you soon but in the meantime, celebrate!!!!! Enjoy 3....it's fabulous, however, trying for mommy, so go easy on her!! Amazing post.....thanks for the happy tears.

Jayme said...

What little sweet hearts! Happy Happy Birthday to C&P! They are just too adorable!

ELE said...

Oh my goodness Mrs. Hoot. You have really outdone yourself here. Beautiful tribute to your bebes. They are amazing and so are you!

True Event said...

WOW. that is truly one of the most amazing posts I have ever read. so perfectly written. it is so precious how you captured both of them in all of the little details and how unique they both are but how incredible their bond is as friends. having only had sisters growing up there is nothing better than that bond. xoxo

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