ACK winefest: love, loss, and what i wore

the gaggle of marblehead mamas that went to winefest, the glorious 15 gardner street and all of its trappings, STW, firefly & waters, julie shelter reunion, the fast ferry, stalking elin hildebrand at the box, egg sammys from stubbie's, my beautiful ash, free jerry t-shirts, team meagher, club car sing-a-longs, milly & grace, the pharmacist, the weakest link, cuzzies, the st. germaine table, and oh well, just about everything about nantucket in general.  worship.

brain cells, probably some dignity at some point {par for the course}, my mostest specialest necklace evah which was later found by new top 5 status the bob! a lot of mulah, waistline, eyeglasses, voice

what i wore:

1. jacket 2. necklace 3. top {contact best store evah milly & grace for this parker beauty} 4. earrings 5. sunglasses 6. clutch 7. wedges 8. jeans 9. bracelet

thanks again to HB for being such a fabulous cruise director!  and to my bunk mates for tolerating the rants of the obliterated elephant.  i despise you biatches! {in the most loving way possible of course}
SB, JB, MN, & MF we missed you.



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