frenchie friday: ack bound

i'm feeling a little guilty leaving my two 4 legged babies behind this weekend as i head to nantucket for winefest.  i'm sure i'll get over it after one million cocktails.  but much like their mama, nantucket is george & loo's happy place.

excited for a trip in the family truckster

even horseface and georgey bond on ack


loo is a bit more chill.  obvs.

be good, my sweet ones.  i'll miss you.

happy weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I heard you were going to Winefest. I want to go next year.


heidi | white loft studio said...

oh I hate leaving my pack behind when traveling...have a glass of vino for me ;) and tell miss ash that her album should be here within a few weeks, can't wait!

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