frenchie friday: naughty george. . .obvs

via flickr

this image from flickr looks so much like my george.  miss him so.

grab a chair because i don't want you to be shocked and keel over when i tell you that george has been a bit naughty since i left him nearly a week ago.

here's a text from CBC from a couple of days ago.

and this came in from lucky dogsitter, amandy-pants, last night.  

don't worry that was only a million dollar box of fran's gray salt caramels.

even loo is being a tad naughty, perched up on my prized pillows {via julie from shelter}

good luck, amanda.  please give those naughties hugs from mommy!


heidi | white loft studio said...

dying laughing...the BEST part of this post is your screenshot...assuming that the "WTF" was your response. thx for the laugh this afternoon, I really needed it! xo

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