owl take two: rain gear

i have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to make the most of our rain gear in the next couple months. 
'tis the season for  fb status updates with jokes about building an arc and kiddos that are climbing the walls. . .
so when we do venture out, the munkies may as well look good.

loving these i-play rain coats from babies r us.  love them so much that c & p have them, guess which color . . . 

how did you guess?

and lots of adorable matching rainboots at the hatley site.

can always count on mini-boden - how great is the boy's anorak that folds into this tiny pouch?

splurge alert - burberry boots at  bloomie's!

run don't walk. . .hunter boots on sale at piperlime right now!
{stay tuned for some REALLY good-goodies coming of c&p in theirs.  guess which color. . .)


Gillian~Katie said...

On a day like today, this post makes me smile. The only redeeming quality of weather like this is the opportunity to wear fun rain gear. Great post! I am a sucker for anything with whales and or frogs!

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