owl take two: newborn edition

so laying eyes on teeny weeny precious outfits are pretty much one of the best parts of attending baby showers . . . 
take anything and shrink it and it looks adorbs but when it comes to dressing your own little bundle,  the best on your little ones will be the most comphy. . .
here are a few of my very fave brands for the wee-est of ones - uber-cute AND super comphy. . .
kissy kissy is a great option - grab these precious outfits at saks.

petit bateau is my absolute fave - sooooo soft and classic, to boot.  usually quite the splurge but i found these cuties at zappos on sale now! (love-love the velour polkas!)

ummm. . . can you think of a better gift from lil hoot. . . whoooo wouldn't want their newborn in one of these sweet pink chicken outfits?  pink chicken also has a pretty kick*ss collection for the "big girls". can't believe i have big girls!

i was sooooo lucky to receive some of these goodies for my own sweet babes when they were newborns. . . i'm in the process of having two of mostest favoritest framed for the girls room.  the teeny tiniest petite bateau outfits. my girls were 4.10 and 5. 2 at birth and only fit in these terry bunny outfits for a couple of weeks.  as some of you know, C. was in the NICU for 22 days (it's no wonder she's such a drama queen). when she finally graced our home she wore the stripes and her sister was at home waiting for her in the coordinating bunnies - so they have special significance to us.  {of course at that point it certainly didn't matter what the sweet child was wearing!  we just wanted her where she belonged} 

look how happy the little mushface is to be home.

plus, i just never want to forget how teeny tiny they were, especially when they are teenagers torturing me.  so stay tuned for the finished product to be hung in the 'big girl' room!

happy weekend- can't wait to celebrate miss L. tomorrow and baby boy F. on the way!


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I can vouch for C being a drama queen - maybe that's why we bonded so much ;)

They were so teenie...miss them!

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