faux pas tuesday

soooooo, you know that post-vacation depression i mentioned was a possibility?  
yeah, well, it's totally happening!  

i am feeling oh so very low right now because i just realized i haven't credited someone who i respect and admire tremendously.  i know i haven't revealed all the details of my fondue soiree yet but i cannot believe i didn't, first of all, recognize how large a part of inspiration the following invites were for our soiree, or secondly acknowledge how amazingly original and talented, not to mention sweet, kind and charming from head to toe, katharine of tallow studio is. . . 

head on over and SWOON away.

please meet the "original" handsome farm animals in bow ties from the indominatable tallow studio.  
i have been blown away with katharine's work ever since i saw her website two years ago and now i'm lucky enough to walk by her studio and drool over her windows quite often, and on a REALLY good day i get to see her toting her little angel around town.

my sincere apologies katharine and thank you for the inspiration!!!


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