night owls : follow-up

so do we LOVE "bea's room" even more now that we see adorable bea in it?!  
big thanks to my first lil hoot client, ms. A, who happens to have FABULOUS taste, for sending me this image via the quadrille fabric site.  it was featured in the april issue of traditional home. i mean, if you have something by your computer to wipe up your drool, head on over.

image via quadrille

the gorgeous fabric, Quadrille's Paradiso Background in Raspberry, used on the headboard is available to the trade at 102 dollars a yard. . .steep. . .perhaps worth it?
looks like bea thinks so!


Corinna Raznikov said...

oh, I so love this. It makes me want to run out and paint a wall turquoise in Josephine's room.

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