lil green bags. . .

i was introduced to macarons at laduree during a delightful pre-bebe jaunt to the city of lights with my best girlfriends (aka shelbys).  i was immediately smitten.  obvi.

i am love-loving the presence of these amazing treats at pretty much every fabulous party these days.  i totes see why- they come in every beautiful color to coordinate with any palette, are gorgeous to look at, and taste even better!  

here are some of my fave images of the delightful treats. . .
beginning with my best friend in the whole wide world's own images from that wonderful trip to gay paris many moons ago. . . 

these didn't last long!
we were tempted to follow this glorious cake to it's destination!
do you think we have enough lil green bags?  they must be heavy- we look tired {no way it had anything to do with how late we were up the night before. . .}

cake pops are all the rage, but somehow miss bakerella has outdone herself again with the macaron pop.  ummm, swoon much?!

image via bakerella

head to the laduree site for more swooning {and drooling while you're at it}
read the history of the macaron to work off all the calories your consuming with your eyes.

and hey, shelbys - see you in south beach next weekend.  doh!
 lovies xoxo


Unknown said...

J'aime des petit sac verte!!

ELE said...

Oui Oui! Shoo Shoo! These photos are wonderful and mouth-watering...

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