frenchie love: puppy edition

since we are talking about babies this week- thought i'd take a trip down memory lane with my first two.
(yes, this is one of those crazy-dog-lady posts i warned you about in the beginning)

so george & looloo weren't always the massive 28 pounders they are now.  they were about 5 lbs. when they joined our family 
(just like c & p would go on to be. . .) 
 here are a few shots from their 'baby album'

 georgey's first boat ride
august '05

cuddling with daddy.  btw, this does not happen anymore.

 he was so little he couldn't support his "bat" ears - they would flop over from time to time 
(he totes has the devil in his eye already)  
 and he sooooo already owned me at this point.

6 months later, sweet miss looloo joined us.   i quickly took advantage of having another female in the house- lots o' pink!

george isn't so sure about the new addition. . .
new addition is most definitely not thrilled about george. . .

at first. . .

fast friends.
they grow up so fast. . . 
{looloo just turned 5 over the weekend!}

hug your babies all the time! (no matter how many legs they have)


Gillian~Katie said...

The pictures of the two of them together really are adorable!

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