night owls: baby edition!

hello my long lost lil hooters!

my apologies for the brief hiatus.  i was planning on blogging from my mini-vacay, but at the last moment i decided to leave my mac at home with my other precious babies.  it wouldn't feel right to bring my newest baby {lil hoot} along is i was leaving c & p and george and looloo behind. . . besides, i was too busy having SUCH. BIG. FUN. 

but i'm so happy to be home.  i missed my girlies, and i missed lil hoot and all of YOU!

typically i would enter a severe post -vacation depression about now but luckily, i have something very special to celebrate this weekend.  it's a "sprinkle" for a dear friend who has waited a VERY long time to meet her new little man. . . he will be here soon and i cannot wait to shower both unborn baby and mama with love.  in honor of them, this week is all about the babes.

hence, night owls: baby edition!

this is one my the most stunning nurseries i have ever seen, and it belongs to one lucky baby who's mama has a to-die-for blog and business, to boot.
i could spend HOURS perusing this glorious site. (oops!  i just did. . . i'm sure i'll get around to unpacking at some point)

check out sweet vivi's insanely well-executed digs. . . 

love love this idea for the family tree - this room has HEART!  and then some

here's a closer look

you must rush on over to laybabylay if you have wee ones, are expecting, know someone who is, or just get a kick out of looking at fantastically beautiful things!  joni has really nailed it with her amazing blog - she has awesome ideas and super inspiring images. (not to mention the DIY tips!)  and if you're not completely swooned out , check out her other site, it's all a bit too much for me to handle on my first day back at it.

i plan on printing out these 'sanity savers'  and giving them to my sweet friend this weekend.  love, love, LOVE!  wish i had them on hand when c & p were fresh out of the oven.

i'm also going to refer to my gift guide from december over at uber-talented miss lucinda's glitter, glue & fireflies.  but i can't give too much away- the expectant mama might be reading!

images by chocolate creative design

and by the way, folks, i didn't break anything! {except maybe some personal cocktail consumption at high altitude records. . .}
glad to be back. . . happy tuesday!


ELE said...

Umm.. I am overwhelmed by this post. So many great ideas. You really made up for your vacation days and then some!

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