birthday belatedness

seems that i took a week off unannounced.  whoopsy!

it's been a pretty big week, too.

some highlights--

1. B3 was born 3 weeks early. {sugar on top's third bebe} and he's perfect
congratulations, B fam!
2. got to escape into the big city to celebrate fellow gemini, the bob, with some hilare peeps.  drank. ate. drank. and laughed. a lot.
3. commodore's ball 2013.  not the best ball ever but the primping i.e. pretending i'm famous was fun.  and the pretty cake from pickwick was delish.  obvs.

{obligatory annual photo of myself on the blog! so awk.}
and bonus, that flame didn't burn the club down.
4. dad's day BBQ at my father in law's.  
5. I turned 107  37 and was graced with multiple birthday cakes and sing-a-longs to commemorate {more awkiness but true}.
6. so many glorious and generous gifties from my fave people, including the golden piggy!
7. major progress on the new venture with the help of chocolate creative design.
8. most redonk rainbow evah.


1. last day of school, which = limited childcare = limited blogging.
2. lots of rain.
3. commodore's ball 2013. {ha totes kidding, by totes i mean sort of}
4. oh, and the bruins are ruining my life.

check out some of my loot!

how lucky am i?!

dress via my gals at milly & grace

and back to my golden piggy. he's sold out!  that's how fabulous he is.  i'm so grateful for my friends that picked up on my "hints" {in the form of multiple blog posts} and i'm using him along with the jewelry dish and a lovely monogrammed tree stand {another uber thoughtful gift from anthro that i can't locate an image of} to actually get organized.  i know you don't believe me but it's happening.  stay tuned . . .

hmmm. . . i'm noticing a lot of booze?  that's not at all a coincidence. the grey goose was accompanied by a jar of local pickles from maitland mountain farm so we can make the blue ox's hot n dirty pickles in the comfort of our own home! 

{apparently, this particular friend wants me to live until my next birthday so she substituted vodka for the gin}

my mom spoiled me so rotten i can't even post it all.  she also drove all the way up here on a sunday night just so she could see me on my special day, which meant i was able to start the day off right with a dunks date for an iced with george and loo {no, you freaks, they don't drink coffee, they do enjoy munchkins however}. 
thanks, mom.  
she's also giving us the best gift of all by taking care of c & p this weekend so horseface and I can go get in a huge fight about the bruins enjoy a trip to my happy place for our anni.

so gifts are grand as well as FB wall posts, phone calls/ birthday texts and cards - all much appreciated- big thanks to all who made me feel so blessed yesterday- but it was the sight of a full double rainbow that made this one to remember.  

this is how it went down - we ventured out for an unremarkable but pleasant enough meal in foul weather, cranky girls in tow, and then were headed home to watch the Bs . . .  {it wasn't exactly my "best. birthday. evah."}

and then it happened.

a real life reminder that the best things in life cannot be bought or planned, they just happen.  and that after thirty-seven years i can still be completely astounded on an ordinary monday by the sheer beauty of life and the unexpected.

we pretty much ripped the girls out of the car to get a closer look at it.  it wasn't until later when i was looking back at the pics that i noticed what C had in her hand. {totes cheesy but sort of amaze}

even horseface knew this was ridiculously awesome.  we risked the prompt start of the big game to drive over for a different view.  one that happened to feature elihu smack dab in the middle! {more cheesy amazingness}

happy birthday to moi!


heidi | white loft studio said...

happy birthday sweet sarah! and love your golden piggy, xo.

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