frenchie friday : shelby!

3 things i love about this dog:

1. she's an adorbs frenchie.  obvs.
2. her name is shelby! {if you don't know already, read about my bizarro shelby significance here}
3. she came to my attention via a rando new ack friend, and there's few things i love more than rando ack connections.  
{PS headed there today where said friend is buying me a birthday smash.  holla!}

luff.  her.

thank you to danielle klebanow{shelby's auntie} of danielle weddings for the images!


Unknown said...

Nothing better than a) fridays..espec fridays before an ACK jaunt, b) frenchie faces, c) frenchie faces from new friendo-s. Woot!!

Unknown said...

SHELBY!! frenchie friday pre-ack fun??? um i'll take two please. straight up. 10 hours!

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