frenchie friday: a tale of two Lus

brought the gang to my happy place yesterday.
needed to hug my dear friend Lucinda of chocolate creative design.  she just lost her bestie, Mr. Hobbes, last week and my heart hurts for her and her family.
seeing as i cried when george turned ONE because he then actually had an age, i obviously cannot even fathom the extent of her sadness.

she thought holding this pork chop was very therapeutic. 

and miss looloo didn't seem to mind a bit!

it was such an amazing treat to spend time on the island.  the girls went to bed with the dirtiest feet . . . the best kind of dirt. . . island dirt.  we all five ran until we were out of breath {doesn't take much for me}
it's just magic.  pure elihu magic.
thank you, lu.  


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