gemini babies

so here we are, the fifth of JUNE, my birthday month! 

june is my absolute fave month of the year.  
summer starts in june.  
obvs, I was born this month, as were some of my very favoritest people on the planet.  
and GEORGE.  
need i say more?  because i'm about to . . . 
i married CBC in june {holla!}. . . 

and finally. . .  

i'm so so happy to announce that my latest baby - hold the phone, not a real baby -
 but my new blog, a true labor of love, as i've been working on it for quite some time, along with some uber- talented ladies, one in particular, ahem lucinda, will be born onto the internets . . . this month of june, 2013. 

i'm starting to realize it will never be perfect, much like myself, so i need to just put it out there, and what better month than june.

it's happening.  i said it.  

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not sure how accurate this depiction of geminis is - particularly the independent part.  {scared to order pizza over the phone.  forreals.  it's a thing.} but it's super cute!  and i worship that twins are the gemini symbol.  {let's just go ahead and pretend it's not because we are  crazypants split personalities}

oh, and then there's these.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7

i really only want #2, which is unfortunate.
stay tuned for more of my birthday wishlist. 
pay attention, horseface!


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