happy april fool's {birth}day

on the heels of easter this year i'm not sure i can muster up the energy for AFD or pranks.
 i feel like we treated most every day as april fools in high school and college and ummmm, my 20s {what can i say we had no iphones we were left to our own devices.  pun always intended}

i do love this quote, howevs.

and i do pretty much embrace my inner fool on a regular basis.  i highly recommend it.  {i personally do dumb shiz all the time so if i didn't embrace it i'd be bummed out a lot.}

another thing i love about april 1 is that my godson, mac, was born on this day 4 years ago.  maccy doesn't so much give me the time of day at this stage of the game, but i plan on bonding with him as he gets older, i also plan on him buying us all vacay homes when he's a profesh athlete.
happy birthday, super mac!  you make every day an adventure.  xo


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