lilly pulitzer : endless summer

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love "lilly" or not, there is no denying lilly pulitzer is a style icon, who's certainly left her mark.

she has a fascinating story . . . if you don't know it already, read it here. . . now.

besides her iconic prints and inspiring success, i worship her gift for clever marketing.
from her latest 'oh, shift' campaign from some of her earlier puntastic ads, this gal was something else . . . 

Peter Pulitzer with wife Lilly, in Palm Beach, Florida, 1955 (photo by Slim Aarons)

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer by Slim Aarons

1963 - Lilly with her daughters (photograph by Howell Conant)

Lilly Pulitzer with fabric in 1982 Photo from Getty Images, Time & Life Photos, Photographer: Diana Walker

RIP lilly in your jungle in the sky.

thank you for making our world a brighter place!


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