shades of purple

 i e-mailed the bob in a panic the other day because i found myself loving this necklace.  which is purple!  and if you know me, you'll know i strongly dislike purple.  the bob told me it was okay because it's lavender or some other BS.  anyhoot, i still want it and i'm still having an identity crisis.  maybe it's okay if i add a teeny bit of purple/lilac/lavender to the 'drobe?  

but what kind of message will that send to c & p?  those impressionable little naughties will want even more purple than what i've allowed thus far.  C insisted on the eyelet gap dress below for her Easter dress.  despise.  i was so happy when she spilled her bubbles on it early in the day and had to change into something pink & lovely.

i think i just need to spend a tad extra on this stella mccartney adorbleness below.
C would worship!



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