frenchie fete

my fave lil hoot party was featured on amy atlas yesterday.  i had such big fun working on this frenchie fete for my four year old daughters who are somehow fixated on going to paris {obvs not happening}.  
hangin' with george & looloo {our french bulldogs} and a 7ft. light up eiffel tower prom decoration will have to do for now!

jayme marie designs never ever disappoints and we just had too much fun with this one! look at the adorbs invite she created for the lucky birthday girls.

she also created all of the paper goods for the party, including the keepsake poster behind the dessert table.  and the pin the beret on the frenchie poster!  and the precious favor tags, and jar labels, and the dessert labels  . . . the mini french flags . . . i could go on and on {literally because i worship this woman and her positively charming designs!} 

speaking of the dessert table, pickwick baking co. outdid herself . . . again.  every delectable french creation she slaved over on that table tasted every bit as good as it looked.  {i should post the pics of the post-party croquembouche.  i meaaan, not okay.  had many a miranda moment when i was eating the remaining morsels out of the trash. TMI?}  

BEYOND delish.  ali is a french pastry genius.
 pickwick for prez!

btw, how miz pumped are george & loo in their striped shirts?

i am drooling reliving this dessert table.  the chocolate mousse. . . omg, sinful.
and the "pancake cakes" for C & P!  they each had their individual crepe cakes with their fave flavors.  

 if i absolutely had to choose a fave, it would be the sweet charlottes.  they were divine!

but wait, the croissants?  i die.  they were perfection.  if you ever have a chance to buy some pickwick croissants, do it.  {or don't do it because it will ruin every croissant you ever taste again on this side of the atlantic.}

some other fun deets . . . my parisian themed books for the kiddos to read . . .

 pin the beret on the frenchie. . .

monkeying around the eiffel tower and demonstrating impressionistic techniques on their favor mugs. . .

{p.s. love that the guests dressed the part!  or wait, i maybe suggested that. . . either way impressive that they listened to miss bossypants hostess}

the mugs at each place setting on the bistro tables with the frenchie cookies . . . 

the cookies created by batches.  so yummy and so adorbs!

the personalized favor jars with hot cocoa and mini-parisian landmarks spray-painted silver.

viva la france!

and viva la meredith michaud nelson of meredith nelson photography!
thank you for commemorating yet another birthday with your beautiful work.  can nevah evah thank you enough.  merci beaucoup just doesn't cut it!

so again, so much vendor love to jayme marie designs, pickwick baking co., and meredith nelson photography.  so inspired by you all. . .

and thank you to our little guests - we love you!

but the biggest thank you of all goes to my favorite "clients".  seeing the world through your eyes is a joy greater than i could have ever hoped for or imagined.  

joyeux anniversaire, mes filles douces !

{yikes, i am super emo today!  big post tomorrow on why. . . stay tuned}


Jocelyn Strutt said...

i have been waiting to see all of these!!!!! Amazing!!!!! I can;t wait for you to do this for my future children!!!!

heidi said...

the outfits on the pups are outstanding...another flawless sarah fête!

Katie - Something to be Found said...

Soooooooo cute! "bone" appetite -- seriously genius! What a fun party for your girls!

Anonymous said...

Seriously????? What a fab party!! Missed my invite... ha! Hope you are well!

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