frenchie friday : rue la la

so i woke up to many "mentions" in comments on FB from friends who recognized this image on the rue la la FB page on wednedsay. i guess the peeps at rue found the pups on pinterest and looks like they were a hit. {obvs}

at first i was all jammed up because they didn't credit the fabulous white loft studio, but they quickly fixed that.  now george is just waiting for his royalties check.  which by the way if there was such a thing, he would eat it with the rest of the mail that comes through the slot.

loved that peeps wrote captions about these two. {because they were all nice.  if they weren't, my in house counsel was ready to pounce} my fave being "introducing mr. rue and ms. lala".  that would be nice.  hey rue, i'll trade you one george for one bottega veneta bag.  juuuuuust kidding.  no really, i am. not kidding at all

happy frenchie friday - happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I found my way to your blog today, wanting to know where this beyond wonderful photo came from. If this photo (and those dogs) were mine, It'd be hangin' on my wall! LOVE it!

I just added the photo credit to my "pin."

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