red, white & last minute

the 4th totes snuck up on me this year . . . 
will be a looney-tune today scrambling with nancy-pants and co. to throw our horribles parade act together.  nancy-pants keeps saying it will be 'home-grown' which i'm pretty sure is code for 'last minute embarrassing hot mess'.  either way we plan on sufficiently torturing our kids again this year.  obvs.
any guesses as to our 'theme'?

anyhoot- haven't even decorated the house yet and was thrilled to come across these easy peasy ideas at good housekeeping of all places. {omg - when did i turn a hundred?!}

{yes, that's a dishtowel holding the hydrangea}
these cupcakes look much more approachable than martha's flag cake.
watermelon & blue cheese in a cup, you say?  yup, can totes handle that, too.
and i can obvs glue ribbon to shiz.  yay.  done.

and a few free printables i heart . . .

i scream, you scream, we all scream for . . . 

and my fave evah for free printables - twig & thistle - offers this adorbsness.

couldn't have said it better myself.  light it up, people!  
and cheers. . . 
happy happy week-long 4th celebration to YOU.


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