frenchie friday: land of nod your head yes . . .

was thrilled to come across this lil guy in the new catalog from my first {and only. obvs.} sponsor, land of nod.

became increasingly excited as i turned every page.  LOVE love it all!  
c & p are beginning to look a bit awk in their toddler beds so the time is coming soon for the real deal version of big girl beds and that means decorating a/multiple BGR{s}!
i'm waiting to see if they want their own rooms or not.  so far one does, one doesn't.  hmph.
anyhoot, here are some of my front runners.

sherbert stripes bedding

in the mix bedding

petit chateau bedding
here are princess p's picks.

fade to pink bedding
tulle and the gang bedding
{while i appreciate the puntastic name- that is not happening under this roof}

and c's choice.  obvs.

yellow animales bedding
chick still worships yellow.

if they decide to be roomies for another few years i think i'll stick with my original . . .

watermelon stripe {seedless}
it's fun and cheerful, like them.
{unless i'm going all MD on them like the greater part of last week's heat wave}


Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

oh how I love those yellow animals

heronkady said...

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The Land of Nod said...

Thanks for the nice post. If you need any design advice when you start putting the room together, let us know. We'd be happy to make a mood board for you.
-Danielle, Creative Director @ The Land of Nod

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